Our Vision

• To be the leader in food packaging solutions in the Middle East and Africa.

Our Mission

• To provide unparalleled service fulfilling our customers needs with the highest quality standards.

• To be the partner of choice to our suppliers and customers.

• To be environmentally friendly.

At Gamma Pack we have a creative and unique approach to manufacturing. We have some of the brightest minds that the Nile Delta has to offer working together to achieve our dreams of becoming one of the best in our field.

Our application of experience and creativity coupled with new technology have been the reason behind our success.

Gamma Pack is the first company to extrude PET and RPET in multilayer sheets in Egypt. We are located just by the Nile river outside Cairo, in a small town by the name of El Hawamdeya.

Gamma Pack has over 150 proud employees from this small town working every day to bring to our customers all the packaging solutions they need. The environment is on all our minds these days and at Gamma Pack we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our carbon foot print in the way we manufacture and deliver our products. We use virgin and recycled PET from our own recycling line. For Gamma Pack, quality means, customer satisfaction.

Our Gamma Pack team works hard to achieve this high level of quality. We will always go the extra mile to provide top quality service.


Our Top Clients

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Gamma Pack is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and YUM!